Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The New Spinning Wheel, it's just like riding a bike

I'm so excited, yesterday hubby set up my new spinning wheel!

Back in June I took a weekend long beginners class (you can see it here and here) but without having my own wheel I didn't have the opportunity to spin again until now.

Looking at it all set up I was afraid I'd forgotten everything I had learned.

Turns out spinning is like riding a bike. After a few minutes of adjustment everything was coming back to me and I was able to spin the first yarn on my new wheel!

I started with the plain wool that came in the box but I have some wool that I dyed during a class back in July. I never did anything with it (secretly I think I was saving it in hopes of being able to spin it on my own wheel someday).

And I can't wait to spin up. (You can see the posts about that class here and here).

More to come!

(Oh and Happy Groundhog Day! I'm hoping for Spring, how about you?)


  1. You know that I'M hoping for Spring! Excited for you and your wheel! :)

  2. Looking at your spinning wheel photos reminds me of fairy tales.

  3. OMG.. I love it!! Can we swap something ??

    Me too as for the early spring.. cloudy and rain here this morning!!! I'll be looking for lil' green shoots peeking out of the snow soon.

    I so love hand spun yarn.

    with love,


  4. I have a friend who spins - even cat hair! Glad your wish came true.

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies!

    Joanne-Looks like 6 more weeks of winter. Too bad, I'm ready for spring!

    Laura- I had that fairy tale image in my head too when I first got the idea I wanted to try spinning. My favorite fairy tale growing up was sleeping beauty- so I guess I always had a "thing" for the wheel. (But I still don't know what that needle was for- no needles that I can see on any wheels)

    Olivia- a crafty swap! Sounds fun... what do you have in mind.

    Tracey, I've heard you can spin pretty much anything. But I think my cats ran out of the room when they heard cat hair was a possibility, lol. I'd love to see your friends work- does she have a blog? (hmm the cats do shed a lot of hair- maybe they can be my substitute sheep- LOL)

  6. You are so ambitious! I think it looks pretty intimidating, but you will surely have a blast!

    BTW, I have something sunny for you on my blog!


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