Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dying to Dye- Part One

Sunday I took a class in Dyeing fibers at webs. I know, I know I've been a maniac about the classes this summer- it wasn't that long ago that I was really nervous about taking my first class and now it's like I can't stop taking them.

I was really exited for this- it's something I've wanted to try for a while; and was actually with the same teacher who taught the spinning class. It was geared toward dying fibers instead of yarn- which as Barbara explained- since you choose how the colors combine into a yarn as you spin, really gives you more options than if you were to dye yarn. I never thought about this but it makes a lot of sense; and I've always had the idea that if I were to start spinning I'd want to dye my own yarn too. I love color it's what draws me to a yarn first, second it the texture- the idea of controlling these two things myself has always been appealing. The idea of having even more control over the colors at the fiber stage sounds even better!

We tried a lot of techniques during the class- I'll do a more detailed post about all the fiber tomorrow. I set it all out to dry yesterday while I was at work. Today I planned to photograph it all- but it's been raining literally all day (thundering right now in fact) and there was no way to get any decent pictures.

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