Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spinning Class Day 1

This weekend was amazing! I loved the spinning class- the instructor (here is a link to her blog) was wonderful and I learned an amazing amount in just 2 days.

I (and I think, everyone else in my class) now want a spinning wheel!

Day one started out shaky. My first encounter with the wheel was to knock it over- yup thats right. Hit it just right as I was going past and knocked it over (immediately my fears about being the worst spinning student ever came to mind).

My first two tries at actually spinning were about what you would imagine- an uncoordinated mess. I snapped a few pictures of my third attempt which was clearly my best yarn all day.

The moment I saw this fiery colored fiber in my bag of supplies I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I loved how the colors mixed as it spun up. It turned out pretty even- this fiber was certainly the easiest for me to control. We spun this as a two ply (the only 2 ply yarn we made for the day) but even with spinning it all once then spinning the two singles together again it spun up lightning fast.

I ended the day by setting the twist in all three skeins and hanging them out on my deck to dry.

I'll post about day two tomorrow.

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