Monday, June 8, 2009

Spinning Class Day 2

The second day of spinning class went by way too fast. I really wanted to get back to the wheel after day one- but it seemed like I just sat down and the day was already over. I think things were coming together more- I was making plenty of mistakes but more and more I was starting to see why they were happening and even if I could 't fix them I could anticipate them so I felt like that was progress.

I also spent the day trying out as many types of fiber as I could. It was great to get a feel for the differences between them all now that I kinda had the basic idea of spinning down.

I'm still finishing up setting the twist on the yarn from day 2 so I'll take more pictures once I'm done (and when it's not dark outside). I left the class excited to learn more about fiber and really wanting to get a wheel. But as much as I want one they are expensive and I just don't think one weekend is enough to make a decision on that large a purchase. I'm going to spend sometime spinning with the drop spindle which it's slow going (like a bicycle vs. a sports car) but will help solidify the basics and give me time to do some serious thinking and research about getting a wheel.

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  1. Interesting spinning experience, good luck in making the right decision of which wheel you are going to get.
    I am just back from my major migration of blog platform and new layout. Need to do quite some catch-ups of what I have left behind since 2 weeks ago.
    Since I have changed my blogging platform (to Wordpress), my latest post might no be updated in your blogspot dashboard. Please link my blog again manually so that you will know when I updated my blog.
    Thank you.


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