Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Onesie Experiment Continues

I got through the first part of doing the applique- cutting and ironing.


Turns out the flower was not a good choice. It was apparent really quickly that what seemed to be a simple shape was pretty much impossible for me to cut into fabric at such a small size. So at the last minute I decided to do initials.

Now at this point I thought I was done- Cut cute shapes into fabric. Iron on with amazing wonder under. Adorable onesies. Done right?

That's where I was wrong. Some of the shapes are lifting off at the edges and I'm going to have to sew around each one to stop the fraying. Apparently the wonder in wonder under really stands for I wonder what the advantage of using it is if I you still have to sew around the applique. I don't really sew so I might be missing something but it seems like I could've just sewed it on to begin with and skipped the adhesive.

I'm happy with how they look- 

but I feel like some might not make it through the sewing still looking this cute.

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