Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Gift of Crafts to Come

I haven't had a chance to share the crafty gifts I received this year. But I'm soooo excited about them.

First the Martha Stewart multi pack of glitter (oh how I have lusted after this glitter). I already have a few ideas for projects I want to do. Maybe I'll get to one of them this weekend!

Finally, finally I have a few sharpie paint markers. I couldn't wait to try these after I saw this post from CraftyPod but I hadn't been able to find them anywhere. Getting this pack was a real surprise.

This rock and shell drill was purchased on a whim with a gift card. It was too good of a sale to pass up and I can see a ton of possibilities with this toy.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually got a spinning wheel! (YAY)

I never imagined that I would actually get one- it was on my "keep dreaming" wish list. I wanted one so much after this weekend class I took and it's the exact model I used that weekend! It's still in the box because I've decided I have to clean up my craft studio before I set it up but adventures in spinning will be coming to this blog soon! Perhaps after a "cleaning up the studio" post- or two (It's a real disaster)!

From my dear husband I also received something for this crafty blog- a light and light tent kit. This also needs to a new home in the studio- but it will be so wonderful to not have to worry about gray days or how early it gets dark now. A-ma-zing.

Thank to my family for such wonderful crafty gifts!


  1. Yaaaaay Meg! What fun! The glitter! Woo!

  2. What goodies. I bet you will make some wonderful things with them.

  3. Thanks Joanne and Jeanette. I can't wait to give the new crafty toys a whirl... once they are out of my self imposed confiscation.


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