Saturday, January 16, 2010

First Giveaway! Felted Easter Bunny Kit.

OK- so tomorrow officially starts Giveaway Week for my 1 year blogiversary. But, I thought I'd begin a little early and start the Sunday giveaway today! Everyday the 17th-23rd I'm going to be doing a giveaway that have something to do with my first year of blogging or are favorite materials I craft with on a regular basis.

I have to say I'm a little afraid about not getting any entries... my husband thinks I'm crazy for saying that... but it's true.

Last Easter I made these Felted Easter Bunnies (you can check out the post here if you're curious). I'll be making more bunnies this year too.

They were so much fun and are pretty easy to knit. If you are a fairly new knitter you can soooo do this- but even if you're an expert knitter they're still fun to make.

Want to make your own? I'm giving away the pattern, knitting needles, yarn (I picked a color I thought would be good for both boys and girls- a nice bright blue), yarn needles, and a pom-pom maker. Everything you need to make one rabbit- except for the eyes.

I didn't include eyes because I think the type you choose totally determines the character of the rabbit and I wanted the lucky winner to pick those on their own. The eyes can be anything from plastic
to buttons, embroidery or even needle felted!

There are three ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me why you want to make one of these bunnies or who'd you make it for and you'll get one entry to win.

2. If you leave a comment and are already a follower or become a follower you'll get an additional entry (two entries total)

3. If you link to this post you'll also get an additional entry- please leave the link to your post in your comment so I can verify it.

That means if you leave a comment, are or become a follower and link to this post you have up to three chances to win!!!

This giveaway ends Sunday January 17th at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time and is open to international entries. I'll choose a winner with a random number generator.

Check back Monday for my next giveaway (hint: It's going to be something no crafter can do without) and to see if you've won the felted rabbit kit!

Good Luck and Thanks for entering!


  1. what a sweet trio of baby bunnies! to make these would be a totally new experience for me and i love to learn something new. thanks for being so generous with your work and pictures.

  2. These bunnies are really cute! My daughter would love to have one, and I think I would really enjoy making one myself.

  3. I think that my daughter would love to have the bunny and I would enjoy the challenge to trying to make it!!

    mellisarock at yahoo dot com

  4. Hi Meg, I'm a new follower and this is adorable.

  5. If I won this I would send the kit to a friend of mine who would totally love making it! I can't do needle crafts. Are you selling the felted bunnies anywhere? I would totally buy one!

  6. So, I have been following you from the beginning of your blog, but I am not sure that I am an official follower (I will try to become one!) I have been coveting these bunnies since your post and even went to a few yearn stores looking for the pattern because yours were SO cute! You are related to one of my best friends and so of course I saw the wedding invites too! You are so talented and I really enjoy reading about and seeing your new ideas!

  7. I am a follower also and this looks so nice, both my niece and step daughter are both into this type of crafting. What a wonderful gift for them.

  8. Oooooh! I soooo want this! Pick me pick me!

  9. So much thanks goes to all of you who entered! My non-bias judge (hubby) used the random generator and the winner is... Jenny!

    Congratulations Jenny, I'll also be contacting you by email.

    To answer some of the questions that came up in the comments. I don't ever sell the rabbits I've made- I'm not sure you could since they are made with a copyrighted pattern.

    The pattern is from Fiber trends if your interested in getting the pattern here's a the link


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