Thursday, January 14, 2010

Knitting by the wayside

I started this scarf a while back, with the intention of wearing it in February. It's a really pretty pink and a hopelessly soft cashmere.

I decided to use a slip garter stitch pattern, which is simple to do, it's just been frustrating with this yarn. When I made my first mistake and tried to reverse what I'd done I found that the process of knitting was actually felting this yarn a little bit- it was totally stuck to the stitches around it!

I started going extra slow to not make any mistakes and looking for blocks of time where I could concentrate on only the knitting. I had a business trip to NY and the train ride was perfect- it was then that I realized (in my black suit ready for a business meeting) that this yarn also shed excessively. Bright pink fluffy shedding.

Then I made a mistake and didn't realize it for 4 rows. It's been almost impossible to get the yarn back out so I've left it and haven't touched it for a while.

Now that it's getting close to Valentines Day I'm thinking of starting to knit on it again but...

I am nowhere near being done because I had to knit so slow and it's going to be a pain the get this mistake fixed. And it sheds- a lot. But it was an expensive yarn, and it's still impossibly soft and lovely.

I just don't know if it's worth finishing! Any thoughts?

And don't forget- Sunday starts my Blogiversary week of giveaways!!!!


  1. I think you should finish it! You won't notice the mistake when it's finished and the colour is too gorgeous not to wear it.

  2. Thanks Ladies, I think I'll stick with it! I do love that color... : )

  3. Oh how lovely! Glad you're going to stick with it; come Valentine's Day you'll be happy you did. If you're a bit ocd, then fix the mistake, but if not, I bet it will never show.


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