Friday, April 10, 2009

MSCE Friday- Felted Rabbits Finished! YAY!

So earlier today when I posted about Wednesday's and Thursday's crafty projects, I said I would post about the rabbits tonight. And, after a little longer than I expected, they are finished!

Here's most of the gang- earlier today when I (still had light to take decent photo's) had 3 out of 4 of the faces finished.

And look how nicely the white bunny matches this felted egg! It was a total accident, I didn't plan it at all- but love how good they go together.

I tried needle felting for most of the eyes, noses, and mouths. I stuffed them first, then felted the details. I really liked doing the needle felting although I think the plastic eyes might look a bit better.

Those pom-pom tails deserved a close-up. (Oh how I loath making pom-poms.)

Here are the bunnies completely finished with pom-pom tails and ribbons around their necks. (Sorry for the dark photo's I ran out of light before these guys were done... plus the rain storm didn't help the light situation outside.)

This gray rabbit looks cuter in person- he seems to be sort of stunned by the camera- maybe I should have warned him I was taking his picture.

I left the white bunny sans ribbon, he just seemed finished how he was... maybe the whiskers, are why he just didn't need a ribbon. By the way- those whiskers are needle felted too! I just tacked the ends in and trimmed the yarn to the length I wanted.

Making the bunnies this year vs. last year I noticed a few things:
  • The knitting went much faster.
  • I got to try needle felting... did I mention that was fun? o.k. I might have mentioned it once or twice.
  • This time the rabbits are all softer- more cuddly. I think it might be because I used a bigger needle than last time. My guess is that less stitches per inch resulted in a finished felt that's less dense. This is honestly only a guess, there really could be tons of reasons why it's different- but I don't think it's the yarn since I used several brands this time and they all came out softer than last time.


  1. Amazing job on them! The white one is my fav!

  2. YAY! I love the felted rabbits! Great job! It's been fun to watch them come together.

  3. Thank you both- I've really loved being able to blog the ongoing project. (And despite the fact that I'm not sure about felted eyes vs. plastic eyes, I think the white one is my fav. too)

  4. Your bunnies are precious. You should have an etsy shop for this Easter!!


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