Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2-at-a-time socks... only backwards?

I was crazy excited to get Melissa Morgan-Oakes book 2 at-a-time socks! The idea sounded fantastic- two socks at one time. I've had second mitten syndrome...I don't want second sock syndrome.

I've never made socks before... but I've done a bunch of the techniques needed to knit socks- short rows, the bunnies I made have an area thats similar to turning a heal. I've picked up stitches before and I've made mittens and I know how to do the kirchner stitch. I can look at a sock pattern and it makes sense to me (thats just as good as actually making socks... right!?).

So (after a brief online detour to figure out one confusing area in the technique) I have two small tubes started that resemble the start of socks and felt I had the technique down. (YAY)

Only.... (for some reason still unknown to me) they are coming out backwards (AWWW)
and the stockinette stitch is on the inside.

See on the left towards the bottom- the peachy sock has little bumps and the gray sock on the right is little V's. Thats because I turned the gray sock inside out (or really right side out) to take this picture.

Somehow I'm on the wrong side... but I just don't know how. I've never had that happen before when knitting in the round and really it seemed like I was on the track from the pictures on the book. I guess I'll go back to the drawing board.

There is a class on this book at WEBS, but sadly it says you need to be an experienced sock knitter to take it... which clearly after this attempt I am not.

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  1. If you knit magic loop like I do, I pull out the front needle to knit with, not the back one like all the books say. This is why our socks are inside out. Doesn't make any difference at all.


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