Monday, May 11, 2009

It's almost yarn

See this little scrap of what almost looks like yarn.

Thats my first ever attempt at spinning anything! I was at a drop spindle demo- and gave it a whirl (literally... it whirls around like a top).

I was feeling a little intimidated about the fact that my spinning class is only a few weeks away and I know literally nothing about spinning. Never mind the fact that it's an intro to spinning class and therefore (as my husband says) I should know nothing about spinning. Here is where my perfectionism comes out, I want to know that I can at least spin something before I go and learn to spin (Yes- sweetie if you are reading this- I'm aware that makes no sense). But in my defense they said using the spindle would help when I tried to use the wheel.

Now I can rest assured that I know next to nothing about spinning. (It really is an ugly little lump of "yarn"... but the person doing the demo was so nice, she told me I was getting the hang of it... I seriously doubt that.)

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