Saturday, May 2, 2009

To The Victor Go The Spoils

Good Morning! Today I woke up like a shot full of energy and frankly very excited to blog- which was sort of a surprise because last night we were out late and usually I'd wake up with a little less pep.

Why so excited? Maybe because it's finally May. (There are really cool things happening every weekend this month that I've been waiting for.) But probably because I'm still high from the great night we had last night. 

It was the annual Chamber of Commerce Auction. Now I know, blah blah chamber auction- that sounds exciting. But really it is! Every year we get amazing things and all the money goes to help the Chamber do what they do to make our little city so special.

This year I was high bigger on this... (imagine fanfare here)

The Webs Bag full of yarny deliciousness! 

Seriously, I know this makes me a total yarn obsessed geek but I was bouncing up and down when the bidding on this closed and I was still highest bidder on the card. Last year I got outbid. This year when I saw it listed again I had my eye on it like a hawk.

It is full of great stuff- 12 balls of Valley Yarns, Deerfield, Color: Sweat Pea (it's sooo soft and a gorgeous fresh green color). The book Continuous Cables which I flipped through this morning and it looks great. 

Another cute little book called Knitticisms.

A tape measure, some packets of wool wash, Two pairs of needles (straight and round) and it all came in this beautiful silk project bag.

I used incredible restraint (hubby was surprised) by not unpacking it last night. It was a battle between, take a picture during daylight for the blog- or figure out how to light it enough to take a decent picture late last night. 

Amazingly I chose the more patient less crazed option and waited until today.

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