Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There's Cake Afoot...

The Mister likes to run, so for his birthday I thought a cake replica of his sneaker on top of a shoebox would be perfect.

If all goes well it will look something like this-

(his actual shoe on an actual box)

I've been prepping and planning this cake for quite a while now. First trying to decide if it would be "too much" of a project to undertake. Then going back and forth on the merits of using cereal treats to sculpt the shoe (something I've never done before) or carving the entire shape out of cake (something else I've never done before).

Finally I just jumped in, and committed to making it. Then asked my sister (who's always baking) if she wanted to help. Thankfully she said yes, because if cake decorating was an olympic event (and I totally think it could be) I firmly believe it would be a team sport.

Yesterday she came over and we baked chocolate cake and made the cereal treats. Then I sculpted and carved the treats into a rough sneaker shape.

I've never sculpted with cereal treats before, but decided to go that route because the idea of carving several layers of cake into a shoe just terrified the heck out of me. All I could imagine was it crumbling into disaster. And me ending up making birthday cake pops instead of a the cake I planned.

So far the cereal treat process has truly been two steps forward and one step back (pun intended).

The sculpting and carving went well. But now the shoe just won't harden like it's supposed to- ugh! All week we've been having rainy, humid weather and I think that's the reason it not setting. But now I'm behind on the decorating.

Today I had planned to start covering the shoe in fondant. It's going to be a lot of detail and I needed as much time as possible, but my instincts say it's just not hard enough yet to keep it's shape under the weight of the fondant.

Hopefully if I wait until tomorrow, when it's supposed to be sunny and dry, the shoe will finally setup.
But if it's not hard tomorrow I don't know what I'll do- because I won't be able to wait any longer.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. Meg, you go great lengths to complete it! Fingers crossed but I am sure you'll get this sneaker going. And if the shoe fits ...umhh -- eat it!

  2. Fingers, toes, ankles, knees - all crossed! If anyone can pull this one off it is YOU!


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