Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Runner's Scrapbox of Races

I owed the blog a long overdue update about the finished scrapbox. I posted part 1 and 2 a while ago but the box took an unexpected cross-state trip causing a slight delay in my post.

Here's the finished box:

I created a custom logo to cover the shoe company logo on the box. Since I wanted this to be as archival as possible I also sprayed the shoe box with acid neutralizing spray.

The inside of the lid has a note to hubby- I decorated the envelope to look like a laced shoe.

Each race my husband has been in got it's own matboard card that fits into the box.

I decorated one side to fit the theme of the race and included space for event details, date, time, his best memory and my favorite memory (the spectators point of view).

On the backside I filled the board with photos from each race.

Hubby loved it!

It just so happens we were going on a family weekend trip the next day and he wanted to bring it show everyone. The project was so freshly completed- I hadn't even snapped a single picture before it was packed into the car.

Driving back from a great weekend (about half way home) I realized that it was probably still sitting on the table in the living room of in hubbies cousin's house and not packed into the back of the car.

Fortunately my Mother-in-law spotted it after we left and brought it back to her house (which is a lot closer to us).

It took a few trips to her house before we remember to bring it back with us... but it's finally here and I was able to snap a few shots.

I'll add another board for each race hubbie does. I think it'll fit another 18 boards before the box is full. That should be about 3 years worth of races.


  1. This is an AMAZING project and keepsake, Meg! Well done!

  2. Aw, what a cool thing to make for your husband - looks great!


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