Thursday, February 23, 2012

Google Friend Connect- are we breaking up?

Am I the only one who's super confused by Google Friend Connect going away?

Despite being in the age bracket where I should be on top of my technical prowess, when it comes to these issues I've really kinda stopped going with the flow. I'm sure I've mentioned before that I'm not on facebook, or pinterest, or twitter. (gasp, I know)

It just seems like it all takes too much time.

And personally speaking, I know if I spent time interacting with those other social media outlets I wouldn't have any time leftover to actually create things to share here. So I've kept a very strict line for myself about where I focus my energies.

But that comes with a price- I don't always know what's going on in the "technical world".

So to be honest- when I first read the rumblings about GFC going away for non-blogger blogs I pretty much ignored it. I mean, I have a blogger blog so it didn't seem like it would really impact me.

But then... I started thinking about all the non-blogger blogs I follow through GFC. And about all the readers of my blog who might be subscribing using GFC without having a blogger blog.

So what the heck happens under those circumstances?

I started to worry that I needed another way for people to follow me and that I might loose the subscriptions I have to non-blogger blogs!

And what about Google Reader is that effected too?


Is it just me... or does there seem to be a severe lack of information about exactly what's going to happen come March 1st.

And frankly, even if I don't have to leave GFC now... taking it away for non-blogger sites doesn't make me feel secure that down the road it will stick around for blogger sites either!

I spent some time looking at what others have been doing and decided I'd add the Linky Followers Tool to my blog. I've seen a lot of people adding it and decided to give it a shot.

So if you'd like to follow me Linky Follower it's now on my right side bar.

I'm very new to it, and don't like change very much, but I'm trying to keep an open mind. (But I like having everything I want to read right there when I log into blogger! Google are you sure you want to take it away?)

Maybe I should just look at this forced change as an opportunity for a tiny bit personal growth in the technical/change categories.

So how are you all dealing with it?


  1. i am so confused by all if it, I didn't even know about it until I read your blog. so I guess I will wait and see what happens.

  2. Glad to hear you are okay. It is all very confusing, but from what I have heard GFC is discontinuing by the end of this year for blogger blogs. I put the Mr. Linky tool on my blog now to give anyone who wants to follow by that method plenty of time to see it.

    I don't like change either, lol!

  3. Shirley said:
    I love to get new ideas in the craft world but it bugs me that you can't make a comment on a lot of sites when all you have is e-mail. They want new comments and then you can't leave them. I am old so I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

  4. Thanks for all your comments. It's definitely a confusing subject. Shirley- I'm happy you are able to leave me comments! (Although sometimes I wish I could email you directly back.) : )

  5. I'm following you on Linky now. I've also added it to my sidebar above my Google followers.

  6. Dear Meg,

    I heard about you through Gingerbread Snowflakes and fell in love with your blog. I have spent the past couple of evenings reading every posting you have made. I have a question - where did you get the bird house that you turned into a Leprechaun House. I know that this project was done a few years ago and this item may not be available but then again it just may. I would love to make something similar for my house. My email is


  7. I'm as confused about it as you are! Tried to find out some more info - but there apparently isn't much out there. Am trying to add the Mr. Linky tool to my blog, too - but apparently a ga-zillion other people are, too - as it's taking them a long time to respond. Hope it all works out OK!

  8. Maureen- thank you for such a wonderful comment. I'm flattered that you would spend so much time reading my past posts. I sent you and email about the birdhouse.

    Pauline- thanks for your comment. It's so hard to know what to do with so little solid info available. Hope linky works for you soon!

  9. Linda, thanks for becoming a follower!

  10. I don't understand it either - although I thought if you are on Blogger it wouldn't affect things. I'm honestly not even sure how GFC works! I used to have a small blogroll that I would read when I logged in to blogger. Then I created a Google reader and have my blogs categorized - so you are in my "daily" read (even tho I've neglected you lately!) But frankly, I'm not sure people read lists of blogs anymore. I think people are directed there by Twitter, Facebook and other types of networks.

  11. Google Friend Connect has been a staple for website interactivity, but recent whispers suggest changes on the horizon. Whether it's a breakup or a makeover, users are eager to see what Google has in store for fostering online communities.


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