Monday, February 27, 2012

Blue Handspun

Over the weekend I had planned to paint a project outside (since we'd been having such nice spring-like weather) but on Saturday it was snowing and Sunday it was way to cold to paint.

So instead of working outside I cozied up with some wool and finished spinning this 2-ply variegated blue yarn.

It's somewhere between DK and worsted weight, and probably the most balanced yarn I've spun yet!

It's definitely true that practice is what counts with spinning. Every time I'm at the wheel I can feel myself getting more control over the wool and the resulting yarn gets better and better.


  1. So pretty and I'm sure it's taken a ton of practice - here's to your fab skill!

  2. I am in awe! Wow! What a beautiful yarn you have spun. Your advice is well taken - I simply must get with the program and practice, practice and practice!

    If you don't mind too much, I am going to put your picture up in the craft room where it will be inspired to do exactly that!

    YOU are awesome!

  3. I would be very flattered if you used the photo Pam.

    No matter how much I practice it still feels like magic when all that fluffy wool turns into actual yarn. But without a doubt the more I practice the more control I get over the results.


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