Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lovable Felted Snowman

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Now after all my complaining and struggling with felting white wool and finally making a snowball, I thought you should see what I created with it.

Meet my snowman.

He's kinda warm and snuggly for someone who's supposed to be made from snow... but it's probably because he's got a big heart.

And a warm scarf.

I made him by using a combination of wet felting and needle felting. That's why he's much larger than a normal needle felted piece (at just over 9 inches tall). I also wove the scarf from scrap yarn and felted that too.

When I first started the snowballs this was the project I had in mind. As I struggled with the white wool I thought "if this actually works it will be the only snowman I make because this is too hard to felt" but now that he's all done I kinda want to make him some friends.


  1. awww! The snowman is SO cute! Great job!

  2. He is a total doll! Love it. You did a great job.

  3. ha,ha, of all crafters I think you are tops in personality department,if you have something say you say it...lol,lol,Love snowman..keep up good work gal,,ha,ha, 'Cookie"

  4. I collect snowmen and I have to say this is the cutest I've seen.
    Thanks for posting.

  5. I love his little heart! Glad that you finally conquered the white felt ;)

  6. OMG I do love your snowman to pieces!

    I should have guessed you had big plans for that snowball!

    And yes! You will find, just as I have, that you want to make more and more and more! I think it has something to do with that sweet happy face!

  7. He's adorable and worth the struggle...says the one who didn't do the felting, lol!

  8. Thanks for these comments, I love them! And for the felt conquering support.

    : )

    Cookie- I do have the sometimes bad habit of saying (or blogging) exactly what I'm thinking.

    Shirley- That's probably the sweetest thing you could have said about this snowman. Thank you!

    Kookie- I wish I had though of that one. I would have used it for the title of the post!!

    Craftymoose- LOL. I agree, just remind me that's it's worth it when I'm complaining about the felt while making another one.


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