Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lovable Felted Snowman

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Now after all my complaining and struggling with felting white wool and finally making a snowball, I thought you should see what I created with it.

Meet my snowman.

He's kinda warm and snuggly for someone who's supposed to be made from snow... but it's probably because he's got a big heart.

And a warm scarf.

I made him by using a combination of wet felting and needle felting. That's why he's much larger than a normal needle felted piece (at just over 9 inches tall). I also wove the scarf from scrap yarn and felted that too.

When I first started the snowballs this was the project I had in mind. As I struggled with the white wool I thought "if this actually works it will be the only snowman I make because this is too hard to felt" but now that he's all done I kinda want to make him some friends.


  1. awww! The snowman is SO cute! Great job!

  2. He is a total doll! Love it. You did a great job.

  3. ha,ha, of all crafters I think you are tops in personality department,if you have something say you say it...lol,lol,Love snowman..keep up good work gal,,ha,ha, 'Cookie"

  4. I collect snowmen and I have to say this is the cutest I've seen.
    Thanks for posting.

  5. I love his little heart! Glad that you finally conquered the white felt ;)

  6. OMG I do love your snowman to pieces!

    I should have guessed you had big plans for that snowball!

    And yes! You will find, just as I have, that you want to make more and more and more! I think it has something to do with that sweet happy face!

  7. A snowman to melt the heart!!!

  8. He's adorable and worth the struggle...says the one who didn't do the felting, lol!

  9. Thanks for these comments, I love them! And for the felt conquering support.

    : )

    Cookie- I do have the sometimes bad habit of saying (or blogging) exactly what I'm thinking.

    Shirley- That's probably the sweetest thing you could have said about this snowman. Thank you!

    Kookie- I wish I had though of that one. I would have used it for the title of the post!!

    Craftymoose- LOL. I agree, just remind me that's it's worth it when I'm complaining about the felt while making another one.


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