Friday, January 20, 2012

Giveaway Winner and Showing the Wool Who's Boss

First let me announce the winner of the Pantone Book giveaway-

Pam from Gingerbread Snowflakes had the lucky randomly drawn comment.
Congratulations Pam!

If you didn't win- don't worry, you'll have another chance at a fabulous prize. Because on Monday I'll be hosting another giveaway to celebrate my 3 year blogiversary. Be sure to check back next week and see what I'm giving away- trust me you don't want to miss it.

(On a side note- I just love giveaways, they make me feel like a game show host or the girl that pulls the winning lottery numbers. Ok, ok, back to crafting.)

You might remember that lately I've been having a bit of an issue with felting a white snowball. The wool was acting all weird. Clumping, not felting completely, and probably most frustrating of all- not sticking to itself when it did felt.

I figured this was either because- A. White wool is typically harder to felt than other colors. B. Wool is just plain evil and has a mind of it's own. Or C. Despite having felted this way many times before, I was just doing something wrong.

So this past weekend I went to the felting store seeking answers, and a bit more wool.

They tried to be super helpful...

First suggesting rolling the ball inside a scrap of tulle (which they were also sweet enough to offer to give me). But once they found out I was already rolling it in nylon there isn't much of a difference, so that idea was out.

Then they asked if I was using hot water, enough soap, and had been working the wool long enough? I appreciate that they wanted to cover the basics, it's always a good first step in diagnosing a problem. The answers were- scalding, yes (probably too much at this point), and it felt like an eternity plus my hands got all red from the rolling and wrinkly from the water, so it was probably enough.

We talked about using some sort of hand tool that had teeth on it for extra "agitation power" (my idea... basically just scrubbing the heck out of it). But they didn't think that was the way to go.

The only other suggestion they had for me was maybe rolling on a stick mat for some extra "fulling power", which was something I'd been considering anyway, so I picked one up.

Stick mat in hand the very last bit of advice I got was to "go home and show the wool who's boss".

So yesterday I sat down, unrolled my new mat, got the water, got the wool, got my nylon, and calmly decided that it was going to felt because that's what I wanted it to do.

And you know what- it worked!

That's right wool- who's your mama now.


  1. Woo hoo! You show that wool who's boss!

  2. I do not believe it! I won?!? Really?!?

    I am so surprised and very happy! I do think though, as tempting as the next one sounds, I will force myself not to enter to give someone else a chance!

    Not only is this your third anniversary coming up but pretty much our - you and me - first anniversary!

    Getting to know you this year has been a huge treat.

    The rest of this post had me in stitches. You can be so funny. Bravo you for finally winning this one!

  3. Thanks so much Pam- and you are RIGHT we did "meet" last year when you won that giveaway. It's been such a pleasure getting to know you over the past year.

    Don't feel shy about entering Monday's giveaway. If the random number generator comes up with your number again I say you head to Vegas as fast as a plane can carry you!

    : )

  4. Yay! Glad you triumphed over that evil ball of white wool! You are making excellent progress with your work room, too.

    Hope we don't get too much snow tomorrow; driving up on Sunday. Can you show the snow who is boss for me? LOL!

  5. Thanks Craftymoose- I don't envy you having to have waited in all that traffic Sunday.

  6. Felting can sometimes be a finicky process, and it can be frustrating when the wool doesn't cooperate as expected.


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