Friday, April 22, 2011

Paint Chip Eggs

While wandering through the home improvement store with the Mister I saw the paint section (it's one of my favorite places in the store because of all the lovely paint swatches lined up- I just LOVE seeing all those colors) and was struck by the idea that those paint chips would make fantastic colors for Easter eggs. I wasn't sure if it would work but I quickly grabbed 4 color waves that I liked.

Once I got the chips home I searched for something egg shaped and the right size that I could use to make a template.

One of these plastic eggs worked great. I just traced around it onto a piece of card stock and cut it out. It made an ideal template.

I was able to trace 3 eggs onto each swatch set and thought I might be done at this stage but once I stepped back and took a look the eggs seemed a bit plain.

Using the bunch of scraps I had leftover from the eggs I cut some strips using decorative scissors and regular scissors. And stuck them in place with a bit of tacky glue.

Once the strips were dry I trimmed them back so they were even with the edge of my egg.

I also punched some dots in a few eggs.

Some of them stayed pretty simple, while others got lots of decoration.

I think these will be great for a whole bunch of things. First I wanted to make a few Easter cards.

The "egg hunt" stamp that I have inspired me to attach one of the eggs to the card using a grommet. The egg can be moved to reveal a secret message.

They'd make cute tags for gifts or baskets. Or attach one of these to a small dowel and it would make an adorable plant stake. Since the chips are a plastic coated paper they are a little bit water repellent and will hold up great in a plant even if they get splashed by a little water.

Happy Easter!


  1. Girl, that is perfectly genius. What a splendid and beautiful way to make use of all the pretty colors in paint chips. For some reason, I keep envisioning a basket made from an oatmeal box, with these eggs circling the outside (and covering up the Quaker guy, you know). :-)

  2. I love these. We are taking a trip to Home Depot today, I'm going to grab some so the kids and I can make them.

  3. Thanks Diane,
    When I made them I also started wracking my brain for an upcycled basket to go with them but I really couldn't think of anything... I love the oatmeal box idea!

  4. Thanks Marisa- I'd love it if you emailed me a pictures or a link of your finished eggs!

    And don't forget- if you're near a Lowes today they are giving away free trees for Earth Day! (in my town the Home Depot and Lowes and 2 min. from each other so stopping at one means it's just as easy to stop at the other too)

  5. I meant to get back and tell you haw much i love these and then - well here I am now!

    And I do love these. Just too cute.

  6. Oh, SO cute!! Love how the colors will automatically coordinate! This is one of the best ideas I've seen in a long time!
    I've missed you... my fault! Will have to come back often to see what you are up to!

  7. These are absolutely adorable. I love how colorful they are!


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