Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hearts and Flowers Wreath... and a blizzard!

Today was the perfect day for crafting. This is the view from our deck door...

That's right this is the bottom of the window halfway up the on the door! And this is what the view off our deck looked like.

And while the blizzard raged on, I was cozy inside making this hearts and flowers "wreath".

Yesterday I showed you that I cut a foam base into a heart shape and mentioned that I was dyeing coffee filters.

I dyed about 50 filters I think, using neon pink food coloring.

I mixed the food coloring with a little water in a bowl. Curled up the filters into a flowery shape and dipped just the ends into the dye.

Since our stove has a pilot light (which always keeps it just a little bit warm) I placed batches of wet filters onto a wax paper lined cookie sheets and let them dry in the oven for about an hour.

The result was a soft graduated pink to white coloring.

Then I began filling my foam with the filters.

To do this I added a small dot of white glue to the bottom of the filter and used a small dowel (about the thickness of a pencil) to push it into the foam.

I filled and filled and filled the foam with my filters. Placing them pretty close together so the tightly packed ruffles looked like flowers.

Once the entire foam piece was covered I glued ribbon around the edge of the foam to cover the unfinished edge.

I also glued a loop of ribbon on the back to hang the wreath from. And since the back will be visible through the window on my door I traced the foam shape onto some brown craft paper and glued that onto the back. It's gives it a neater look than just having the foam.

And because it's still snowing I'll have to wait to show you how it looks hung on the door, but I I'm happy with the results.


  1. How pretty this is! I love the soft colors and how you explained it, step-by-step! My yard looks like your yard! No more school for the rest of the week!

  2. Thanks for the comment Mrs. C. Wow no school for the rest of the week... I can't ever remember having more than one snow day in a row as a kid, I would have been thrilled. Wonder if the schools here will cancel for more than just today?

  3. Oh that is so adorable. I love everything about it - the process, the color, the ribbon! I am such holiday bore! Maybe I can get Annie to make this for me....

    Be careful under all that snow! Parts of our area are buried like that. We are having just normal amounts this year.

  4. Thanks for the comment Jane- let me know if Annie makes this I'd love to see a picture! So far we haven't had as much snow as usual this year... I think it came all at once in this storm though. We haven't this high of a snowfall total from one storm in a while.

  5. very nice..thanks for sharing tutorial

  6. Now this takes an artistic mind to dream up :) So beautiful!

  7. Thanks for that very sweet comment!
    : )

  8. That is so pretty and a wonderful idea.

  9. Thanks for leaving comments Lulu and Jensters, I really appreciate it!

  10. Thanks for the tutorial!
    The Pretty Pink Valentine is Stunning!

  11. Altered Paper- Thanks for leaving such a nice comment!

  12. hello there... first time visitor...and I owe you...I keep wondering how magnificent is to navigate here in bloggyland...Can you believe I was thinking about dye my coffe filters with food coloring but when I give it a try they broke...well with your hint I got it... I was placing the whole coffee filter and let it to soak into the water...Your piece is unique and marvelous...Probalby tomorrow I'm gonna do it.. thanks so much... Hugs from Puerto Rico

  13. Hi Nany, I'm so glad this tutorial was helpful in solving your problem! Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment.

    You can also dye the entire filter instead of just the tips, but I don't dip in entirely into the dye. Instead I lay it out flat on a paper plate and paint the dye on with a brush. Then I leave it on the pate until it's dry.

    It's similar to the way I make tye dye coffee filters with markers and water shown here-

  14. you're very sweet.. thanks for the advice...

  15. So cute! I will be featuring your project this Thursday at my weekly link party, Hookin Up with HoH #34.

    I'm letting you know in advance as I'll be out of town during the party and will be unable to notify you on Thursday.

    Please feel free to stop by and grab a button on Thursday!

    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths

  16. I loved that you dyed the filters! What a great touch! I would love for you to link up any of your projects to my Ten Buck Tuesday link parties!

  17. This is so pretty,we don't don't do lot on Valentines but how could you not with pretty things like you ladies make.Thank You Cookie17

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