Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hearts and Flowers and Styrofoam Cutters

With the exception of Halloween (which is practically an all year affair around here) Valentine's Day seems to be the one holiday I'm never late for.

With other holidays it sometimes feels like I'm scrambling around getting all my crafty ideas a week or two before. Not Valentine's Day though! I think it's because January can be so bleak here in New England... after the post Christmas/New Years let down I'm just desperate for anything that isn't cold and snowy. Valentine's Day with it's light, airy, warm, pink, flower and candy spirit is the perfect solution.

Plus it's also about the time we finally get the house, decorations and holiday gifts all situated and I'm ready to play with my new crafty toys.

Which brings me to this styrofoam cutter. Purchased with a craft store gift card, and 50% coupon, it was something I've always wanted to try but could never really justify purchasing on a normal day.

The first cutting went ok, the formerly round styrofoam is now heart shaped and I've decided to make a wreath of sorts. (Don't mind the holes... I first used this to hold my cake pops.)

Now I'm in the process of dyeing a zillion coffee filters a delicate pink.

I'll show you how it all comes together, tomorrow I think. Provided I can get enough filters dyed and dried by then!



  2. Thanks Maggey... when it all comes together I think these pictures will all make more sense

    : )

  3. Look forward to seeing your creation. I cut styro with a bread knife.

  4. Thanks Mrs C! I've actually never tried to cut foam with a bread knife I usually use a craft knife (until this project) but thats a great tip. I can see how a bread knife would work great with the serrated edge I bet it cuts the foam really cleanly.


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