Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year New Blog Look

While the snow fell last night and this morning I sat down and finally did something that I've been meaning to do... well for about a year now.

I've changed the look the my blog!

I've loved the simple clean style of my template, I just wanted to use the space a bit better and add some customized personality.

So I switched to three columns from two and added a new custom header.

I know nothing about html so I'm really surprised how simple this all was with the help of a few great tutorials.


Have a Wonderful Weekend!


  1. That's exactly what my place looks like too! All that snow. Lol, I haven't blogged about it yet. My soul is too cold to function. :P Gotta love upstate NY (for me at least).

  2. LOL... have some hot tea, it's good for thawing the soul. I'm glad your not buried over there in upstate NY... you never know what the snow will be like on the other side of the Berkshires.

  3. The blog looks great! Love the simple, clean look.


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