Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quilled Snowflake

Ever since I first saw quilled snowflakes over at Ann's blog, all things paper, I've wanted to make some.

You see, I have a thing for snowflakes. I was born in December and they've sort of been a theme surrounding birthday's for me. Some years I had parties in what turned out to be blizzards, other years I got snowflake in the form of a gift. I also have a large collection of snowflake paper punches. For whatever reason, I just love them and had to try making a quilled one.

I've only tried quilling a couple of times before. This time the motions and shapes definitely came easier. Everything felt smoother and more consistent. My slightly wonky flake isn't as beautiful and perfectly shaped as this one-

(Picture from All things paper- by Deb Mackes)

Which I saw on Ann's site and used as my guide. It was designed and made by Deb Mackes, who is obviously a pro at this! I think hers just the most lovely and perfect flake!

I'm happy with how mine turned out, although not as elegant and well proportioned as it's model flake. But feel like with a bit more practice I'll not only be able to get better results, but I'll also be able to come up with some patterns of my own.

I just love how endless the possibilities for these are. In my head I'm envisioning tons of quilled flakes, all different, hanging from the ceiling over the dining room table. Or on the Christmas tree.

And now it's got me thinking, wouldn't some sort of quilled flake exchange be fun! I love the idea of mailing a snowflake to someone and getting another one in return.

I'll keep you updated as my flake making continues.

And if you are interested in making some quilled flakes- here's the page I saw on Ann's blog, there are lots of other beautiful snowflakes. You can also find a pattern from Deb Mackes for another quilled design.


  1. Meg, yours is gorgeous! Happy Birthday this month. :-) I love that last picture especially - so pretty.

  2. Thanks Ann- for both the compliment on the quilling (from you it's very flattering) and the birthday month wish!

    : )

    I absolutely bow to Deb's snowflake, it was so much work to get everything even.

    I've been doing some reading about quilled snowflakes since I made this one and think maybe for the next one I'll try using a grid to make it. Hope that helps to get it more balanced.

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