Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paper Quilling 101

I follow a really interesting blog called All Things Paper by Ann Martin. The last few weeks there have been some fabulous pictures and posts about paper quilling that have inspired me to give it a try.

Picture from All things paper of Cecelia Louie's work

I especially loved this design I saw in Ann's interview with Cecelia Louie.
It's modern, clean, cute... just amazing.

Here is my first attempt.

I didn't glue this anywhere- just practiced twirling the paper into curls

I made them using some improv materials (also known as slices of post-it-notes and a straightened paper clip). Once I get my hands on some genuine quilling materials I think I'll try making some simple Valentines cards.

I love that it really doesn't take much time or money invested to give this a try. And the results from something as simple as curled paper can be absolutely stunning.

Another picture of Cecelia Louie's work- Isn't this amazing!

Ann has a basic tutorial here and you can find a few more on the sidebar of her blog if you're interested.

Doesn't this seem like the perfect thing to try for Valentines Day!


  1. WOW-- that picture frame name is amazing!! She used glue though right? I have never given this a try -- but I would love to!!

  2. That is gorgeous! Thanks for posting this! I want to try this on some baby cards I will be making.

  3. She did use glue- I asked Ann over at all things paper the same queston. Here's what she had to say-

    Ann: To answer your question about gluing, assemble as much of your design as possible before gluing it on the background matboard, card, or wherever you want it to go. Then spread a thin puddle of glue on a plastic lid or a sheet of waxed paper, use tweezers to hold the quilling, and dip its underside gently in the shallow puddle... place it directly where you want it to go without sliding it around so it doesn't leave a snail trail.

    Fifth Street Mama- baby cards would be darling with some quilling- I hope you post pictures!!!

  4. I'd like to encourage you and your readers to give quilling a try. I have been quilling for more than 30 years and still love it! There are lots of free patterns (great for cards) and instructional and reference materials on my site Come and visit! There is also a quilling blog where you can see some awesome quilling by quillers from all over the world. Make a cup of tea and spend some time browsing.
    Pat Caputo

  5. Beautiful! I remember trying quilling when I was a kid... this is definitely going in my file for things to try again! :)


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