Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So I tried paper quilling...

I've been following Ann Martin's blog- all things paper for a while now and have really been inspired to try quilling because of the lovely examples and tutorials she's always posting.

Mother's Day seemed like the perfect opportunity to give this a go-

Just one tiny snag- I couldn't find any proper paper quilling tools or materials. I know I could have ordered them online- but of course I thought of doing this last minute and had to improvise.

I cut some strips of paper from larger sheets and used a pin tool from a scrapbook tool kit to roll the coils. I'm not sure if it effected the results at all- or if it was more a matter of having no experience in quilling but some of the curls are a little wonky. But for a first try I was really happy with how these turned out (more importantly the mom's love them).

Here's the card for my mom-

The card for my mother-in-law (which for the record was the first card I made)

And the card for my sister's very 1st mother's day.

I had some ribbon in the studio I knew she'd like and thought it might be nice to match the quilling to it.

Making these was really fun- although I have to admit my fingers were a little sore after making all three cards.

I'll definitely be trying this again!


  1. Gorgeous - I especially love the black and white one! I always ooh and ahh over the quilling art that I run across online, but I've never tried it myself. If you got results this good on your first go, though, maybe I'll have to give it a try!

  2. Thanks Shannon, it really was a fun to try I definitely recommend it!

  3. Ooooh, those are so pretty! I have never tried quilling, maybe will have to add that to the list!

  4. Love the black & white theme

  5. You did a GREAT job. Love all the quiling you did!!

  6. Gorgeous! I'll have to try quilling again-it's been years! Thanks for sharing.

  7. These are gorgeous Meg - really pretty! Great job!

  8. I love them both but especially love the black and white version! I have just recently started quilling myself!


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