Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tutorial- Make Recycled Handmade Paper

Today I'm excited to be guest posting my handmade recycled paper tutorial over at Ready, Set Craft!

Here are a few bonus tips and ideas:

  • Make a cast paper shape using a cookie cutter. For the star I dipped the frame into the paper pulp, placed the cookie cutter on top and removed the excess pulp around the star. Then I removed the excess water as shown in the tutorial.
  • Break up bits of dried leaves and flowers and sprinkle them onto the wet paper.

  • Or try adding glitter for some sparkle.

  • You can even experiment with making a plantable paper by adding seeds to almost dry paper. Once the paper has been used you can plant it and the seeds will grow.

  • Tint paper by adding in colored tissue paper, or party streamers.

(I made this sheet light green by using some leftover tissue paper)
  • You can make scented paper by adding herbs or essential oils to the paper pulp (and bits of pine needles will make a nice scented Christmas paper).

To get the step by step on how easy it is to make your own paper- pop over to Ready, Set, Craft and check out my tutorial.

Have A Great Day! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  1. Thanks for guest posting today - love the extra tips!

  2. Thanks for featuring me today Joanne!

  3. I was looking for information on paper making a while back. So happy to find this! Headed over to read the tutorial. :D


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