Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Carved Faux Pumpkin

I've been meaning to do a post about carving faux pumpkins. Obviously the great thing about artificial pumpkins is that they don't go bad- so I tend to want to carve them with non-halloween designs and use them all through the season until Thanksgiving is over.

Since my wedding anniversary is coming up I thought I'd show you these.

They (along with a ring of flowers at the base) were the centerpieces at my wedding reception.
I had the florist do a fresh flowers but I carved all the pumpkins.

I couldn't have been happier with the results. One thing I'll always remember is the way the tables glowed each with a different jack-o-lantern.

Back when I was engaged, in full wedding planning mode, and I told people (including by husband-to-be) that I was going to make all the centerpieces. Furthermore that they were all going to be these carved pumpkins... they looked at me like I was crazy. But it didn't scare all that much.. I'm used to that look (I know you other crafty-people out there know the look I'm talking about- you get it too I bet.)

Carving an intricate design might take some time but I think it's worth it because they'll last and last. Each year when these get pulled out I'm so happy that I have this memento from our wedding. And since we had so many we were able to give some to both of our moms- which they liked.


  1. Those are gorgeous! Such a unique idea for a centerpiece, and you get to re-use. :)

  2. Really neat! It must've been so beautiful! I have always wanted to try these...will do so now!

  3. Thanks Natalie and Jane. They were really worth the time it took to carve them- and I love that I get to reuse them.

    Jane- I'd love to see pictures. I hope you post them if you carve some.

  4. Such a neat momento from your wedding!


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