Monday, October 4, 2010

Cupkins: Cauldron Cupcakes and Halloween Link Party

I'm so excited about this month's Cupkins. Not only is the theme Halloween, but it's the very first time we're doing cupkins as a link party. I have both Joanne's and my cupcake ideas to share with you. And I really hope that you'll link up with your Halloween themed Muffins or Cupcakes too!

This month I've cooked up a Cauldron Cupcake.

(And it's soooo easy to do- everything came from a box, bag or bottle).

First I baked 12 large cupcakes (using what else but a devil's food mix) according to the package directions in a pan sprayed with non-stick spray. To make these cauldrons you need to use the sides of the cakes- so don't line the pan with paper cups! When they were done I cut a bit off the top so make a flat spot (you'll see why later).

I found these nifty little chocolate covered pretzel rings in the grocery store (they were a box of those 100 calorie packs) and while the cakes baked I cut them in half. One half ring on each side of the cupcake make the perfect cauldron handles.

When the cakes were cool I melted some dark chocolate chips and rolled the sides of each cupcake into the melted chocolate.

Then set them on a wire wrack with a baking sheet underneath to let the excess chocolate drip off. Placing them upside down because they look more like cauldrons that way.

(Incidentally, If you've never tried dipping the sides of cupcakes into chocolate I highly recommend it- they taste a little like ring dings... only better!)

As the chocolate starts to set up- but before it's totally hard- is when you stick the pretzel ring halves into the chocolate. If you try to do it before the chocolate starts to set the handles won't stay up.

At this point I kept rolling cakes into chocolate but kept my eye on the ones I'd already done so I could stick the handles in before they were too hard.

Once all the cakes were dipped and the chocolate set and I started frosting them. You can absolutely make your own frosting... but I have to admit I used readymade from those bottles with the decorator tips.

I had visions of a swirly potion so I used green as my main color, making a fairly thick swirl. Then added a thinner swirl of yellow right on top. Since I was actually frosting the bottom of the cupcake it was a nice flat surface for the swirls.

Last but not least I added a pretzel stick in each one to look like a giant potion stirring stick.

Cute and spooky, ready for a bewitching party! And let me assure you- they disappeared from my counter like magic!

Pop on over to Joanne's blog (my partner in Cupkins crime) to check out her recipe for Candy Corn Cupcakes. (the link is below)

(mmm- doesn't all that candy on top of that frosting look good!)

But before you go- Join the fun- leave your link for a Halloween inspired muffin or cupcake below. And if you do be sure to grab the Cupkins button from my sidebar.


  1. Those are just amazing- so creative!!

  2. Ok, those are stinkin adorable!!!! Love them! thanks for inviting me to link up my milky way cupcakes...I have a feeling that I am going to LOVE your blog:-)

  3. so original! I love these! Definitely gonna send people over here for this great tutorial!

    hugs! Kim @ Frost Me!
    party inspiration

  4. Hi ladies- thanks so much for the comments (and for adding your cupcakes if you did)! I really appreciate hearing from you.

    Joanne and I are new at the link party thing- we're so happy to have people participating in Cupkins with us.

    The link party will be open until Friday so I hope you check back for updates and visit some of the blogs who've posted these great Halloween cupcake ideas.

  5. Those cauldron cupcakes are the BEST!! They look fantastic. I saw you on Craft Gossip. Great job on them.

  6. Your cauldrons are so clever and adorable! Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. Thanks for the comments. If anyone makes the cauldrons while the link party is still open (until Friday) please add them to the linkup (or send me picture).

    And a big thanks to everyone who's added their cupcakes last night and today. I hope you keep them coming all week!

  8. Sooooooooooo cute! And they don't look that difficult to make!

  9. I love creative cupcakes and this one is so easy! Thanks for posting it.

  10. OH! wonderful I love halloween ... I'm your recipes are wonderful .... greetings from Spain.

  11. Happy Halloween! Brownie desserts baked are my favorite. Thanks for sharing about the ingredients and recipe too. My sister in law is running a bakery and her cake orders from maximum parties at Los Angeles event venues are unique. Seen pictures and creativity of designer orders. Muffins and bourbon ones are yummy to the heaven.

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