Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Onesie Experiment Continues

I got through the first part of doing the applique- cutting and ironing.


Turns out the flower was not a good choice. It was apparent really quickly that what seemed to be a simple shape was pretty much impossible for me to cut into fabric at such a small size. So at the last minute I decided to do initials.

Now at this point I thought I was done- Cut cute shapes into fabric. Iron on with amazing wonder under. Adorable onesies. Done right?

That's where I was wrong. Some of the shapes are lifting off at the edges and I'm going to have to sew around each one to stop the fraying. Apparently the wonder in wonder under really stands for I wonder what the advantage of using it is if I you still have to sew around the applique. I don't really sew so I might be missing something but it seems like I could've just sewed it on to begin with and skipped the adhesive.

I'm happy with how they look- 

but I feel like some might not make it through the sewing still looking this cute.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Spinning Class Day 2

The second day of spinning class went by way too fast. I really wanted to get back to the wheel after day one- but it seemed like I just sat down and the day was already over. I think things were coming together more- I was making plenty of mistakes but more and more I was starting to see why they were happening and even if I could 't fix them I could anticipate them so I felt like that was progress.

I also spent the day trying out as many types of fiber as I could. It was great to get a feel for the differences between them all now that I kinda had the basic idea of spinning down.

I'm still finishing up setting the twist on the yarn from day 2 so I'll take more pictures once I'm done (and when it's not dark outside). I left the class excited to learn more about fiber and really wanting to get a wheel. But as much as I want one they are expensive and I just don't think one weekend is enough to make a decision on that large a purchase. I'm going to spend sometime spinning with the drop spindle which it's slow going (like a bicycle vs. a sports car) but will help solidify the basics and give me time to do some serious thinking and research about getting a wheel.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spinning Class Day 1

This weekend was amazing! I loved the spinning class- the instructor (here is a link to her blog) was wonderful and I learned an amazing amount in just 2 days.

I (and I think, everyone else in my class) now want a spinning wheel!

Day one started out shaky. My first encounter with the wheel was to knock it over- yup thats right. Hit it just right as I was going past and knocked it over (immediately my fears about being the worst spinning student ever came to mind).

My first two tries at actually spinning were about what you would imagine- an uncoordinated mess. I snapped a few pictures of my third attempt which was clearly my best yarn all day.

The moment I saw this fiery colored fiber in my bag of supplies I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I loved how the colors mixed as it spun up. It turned out pretty even- this fiber was certainly the easiest for me to control. We spun this as a two ply (the only 2 ply yarn we made for the day) but even with spinning it all once then spinning the two singles together again it spun up lightning fast.

I ended the day by setting the twist in all three skeins and hanging them out on my deck to dry.

I'll post about day two tomorrow.
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