Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yesterdays MSCE: Rabbits Felted at Last!

OK so I've done a number of posts about the felted rabbits as I went along knitting them

(For your reading convenience- Here they are in order of posting if you feel like seeing the project from the start)

And now yesterday, I finally felted them! It was soooo much fun. Although I admit to feeling the teeniest bit bad when I throw them in the washing machine (I feel like I'm dong something bad to these poor little guys).

I was concerned about this guy-

I had no idea how the yarn would felt. I'd never used a variegated yarn for felting before, but I think he turned out cute. Now I think- wouldn't a variegated gray or brown yarn be nice for a rabbit! (He still needs to be trimmed he has bits of yarn sticking out).

I was hesitant to try a white rabbit- because I've heard white can be hard to felt- but I'm so glad I did. He just seems like your classic Easter Bunny. And this white yarn wasn't that hard it just took an extra minute or two.

They certainly aren't finished yet, evident by the stuffing sticking out of this bunny.

They need little pom-pom tails (ugg how I dislike making pom-poms) and little eyes and little noses. I also need to close the seam.

They are still drying and are only temporarily stuffed to keep their shape, then I'll do the finishing details, stuff them for real, and close the seam. Phew Yesterday, Sunday seemed so far away and these bunnies so close to being done. Now after that list I think I better get moving- and find a way to make them dry faster!!!

P.S. I have just realized that I have referred to most of these bunnies as "He" not sure why, but some should be girl bunnies don't you think?


  1. ADORABLE! I love the gray guy/gal.
    I also love the needle-felted eggs-- you'll have to give me a tutorial on those!

    Tonight at Girl Scouts we're blowing out and decoupaging eggs-- here's hoping there are no raw-egg ingesting incidents!

  2. Sure anytime you want to try some egg felting let me know!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that none of the GS's accidentally inhale any egg. From what I remember of my days doing GS programming you are a brave woman to attempt blowing out eggs instead of just decorating them LOL. I'll also keep my fingers crossed that none of them pass out- I cannot blow out eggs at all... probably the asthma. : )

  3. Oh Meg the bunnies turned out SO WELL! Are you super pleased with them? I can't wait to see them 100% finished!

  4. Hi Joanne,

    Thanks so much! I am pleased with them- turned out a bit better than I expected with the two colors I wasn't sure about. I can't wait to get them finished, to me thats when the personality really comes out, but they were still a little damp tonight. Here's hoping for dry bunnies tomorrow!

  5. Oh my word those are the cutest things! I don't know why but I haven't though to felt toys. (I know, silly now that I think about it!) I think that my next yarn project will be some sort of stuffed felted thing for the littles in our family. Great job. I can't wait to see what they look like with details, though I like them plain as well. They look very rustic this way.

  6. Thanks Stephanie. Fiber Trends, the company that puts out this pattern have some other cute ones for sheep, bears, cats, and an adorable hedgehog that's on my list to make (it's so cute- but the yarn store is always out of that pattern whenever I think to pick it up). And I'm sure many more animals I've never seen.


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