Friday, March 6, 2009

Overwhelmed- Time for a quick knit bunny update

You know when the amount on your to-do list seems unimaginable? Yet somehow you have to get it all done anyway. That was my work week- in fact it's still my work week (I'm still in the office finishing up). 

At some point you realize, yes there is a lot of work but if you don't take a break to do something else- anything else your head really might explode. 

So here it is- a quick bunny update.

I have finished knitting the first bunny (you can see it here) - or again (here [bottom of the page]) and sewed the feet, front, and back together. I haven't felted it yet I figured I'd knit a few and do that all at once. (I'll post a pre-felting picture and a post-felting picture once I'm in the felting stage.)

Here is Bunny number two- electric pink! (And so nice against that crazy fabric, this bunny may just have to live in my office). So far I have two feet and the back done on this one. 

It's amazing how last time I did this pattern they seemed to take forever and now they are just hopping off the needles (couldn't resist that-hopping, lol). Want to measure how your knitting skills have grown? Then I recommend making something from a pattern you haven't used in a while!

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