Friday, February 27, 2009

Knit Night

Tonight I went to a colleagues house for a knitting night. It was the first one she's put together- and I was fully prepared to not know anyone in the room, but I'm always up for knitting so it sounded fun to me.  It turns out I had some sort little connection to almost all of the woman who were there. One person is a graphic designer and works with someone I went to college with. Another woman and I know quite a few of the same people, and so on through the room. But more than those pleasantly surprising connections the knitting and the vibe of the entire night was great.

We all chatted easily over a yummy dinner and drinks, then the knitting came out, we talked shop- who was knitting what and plenty of "does anyone know how to's". The group was a good mix of knitter levels, beginner all the way to experienced. When someone had a question or issue there was always someone else who was able to help.

I made good progress on the bunny despite the high level of conversation (it really is a pretty easy pattern and it's on big needles). I almost got through the entire back. Right now it looks like some sort of a bunny shadow.

It's been a long time since I've had a knitting night. I used to have one- but once it dissolved due to conflicting schedules, I never joined or organized another one...I almost forgot how fun they can be. 

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