Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vintage Knitting Needles

I spent some time this morning organizing the studio (which is my creative space in the house). It's been overrun lately with crafty projects and design work- and frankly was just a mess. I plan to do a post about the studio once I get everything organized and the way I want it. 

While I was cleaning I came across my grandmother's knitting needles. When Mom gave me these I wasn't even a knitter (and neither was she). She was giving away all of my grandmother's yarn and knitting tools to people who would use them and I guess she just couldn't give away Nan's favorite case. So it came to me with the thought that someday I might want it for something (and was Mom ever right). 

The wooden case has a wonderful little detail of a skein and needles.

 A few of the needles inside have a bit of rust on the ends where they indicate the size, but most are in perfectly well-used condition. I think they are just beautiful and the whole package of case and needles is a treasure.

No super chunky needles here- 9's are the biggest. All the needles are metal except for one plastic pair. They feel much different from the plastic needles we have now- sort of rubbery.

They are all beautiful soft colors.

There are some single needles- further proof that having needles disappear is something that has plagued knitters since the beginning, and will continue to plague them for all time.

And then there are these.
They are horribly bent (probably from years of abuse by kids and then grandkids), but have the most wonderful detail of measurements engraved into each of the needles. 

It's a little hard to see because they are very worn. 

I can just picture these when they were new- ruby red, really slick looking (you could knit something fierce with these that's for sure). And so clever having the measurement built right in!

There was also a pack of "knitting pins". 

Great packaging 
And look at this advertising on the back- 

If you crochet too, now you can have a hook without a fault!


  1. Love the box for the needles. My grandmother's friend gave me a ton of her old knitting needles, though I don't knit. I think many are similar to yours. My favorites are the bubblegum pink plastic ones. I just need to learn to knit now!

  2. You are lucky to have these Beautiful vintage knitting needles. I was googling to find a place to buy some vintage needles and landed on your blog. Keep them safe, they are so precious!

  3. Wow. I just love your needles. They are so amazing. I just bought several needles at a thrift shop and they are also vintage. I have the exact one you have in a 9 but mine is 7 and its plastic. I have to say that I am now in love with them. They are just smooth and have a soft grip to the yarn. Just like you said, they have a nice rubbery feel which I really like but it doesnt feel cheap. Can you tell me what brand those 9's are? This is greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing your lovely needles.

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately they don't have any brand markings. Enjoy your thrift shop score!

  4. I also have many old knitting needles that I still use. I also have some vintage crochet hooks that I use.


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