Monday, March 11, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes- Leprechaun's Treasure

Chocolate rainbows, mini candy pots of gold, bright grassy green frosting. If these cupcakes don't say St. Pats, I don't know what does. And best of all- they're easier to make than they might seem at first glance.

It all started with an idea I had for mini candy pots of gold. These are super simple and would make great treats all by themselves.

They're made from Rolos (you could also use mini peanut butter cups), topped with yellow chocolate candy coating. To make the chocolate look more like piled up pieces of gold I stirred chopped up peanuts into the melted chocolate (if you're allergic to nuts granola or even chopped up bits of unmelted chocolate would work too).

When the yellow chocolate was dry I painted it with edible gold dust to give it that metallic sparkle you'd expect from a pot of gold.

Then I made the rainbows the rainbows, these were the hardest part of these cupcakes. First drew a some guidelines onto a piece of paper and placed it under parchment and melted all my chocolate (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple). I piped lines of each color over my template. I guess my hands were shaky that day because I had a hard time getting the lines straight. As a result when the chocolate dried there were some tiny spaces between each color.

To fix this I stuck the rainbows (still on parchment paper) into the microwave for a few seconds just long enough to get the chocolate to melt slightly. The colors came together, and while the chocolate was still warm I used a toothpick to straighten out any remaining wavy edges.

Once the rainbows were dry again I added a puffy cloud to top of each one. This was super easy, I just piped chocolate into a cloud shape. This time my shaky hand was an advantage- the wigglier the lines the more it looked like a puffy cloud!

I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes from a boxed mix. And once they were cool I frosted them using a can of decorator's frosting, tinted green, and a grass pastry tip.

While the frosting was still wet I placed my pots of gold onto the grass and stuck a rainbow into each cupcake.

I'm really happy with how the rainbows came out- I think they give the cakes a magical, gravity defying quality that goes well with the idea of finding a Leprechaun's secret treasure.


  1. I love these!! The rainbows look fantastic and the pot of gold is just brilliant!

  2. I mixed chopped peanuts into the melted chocolate to make it look like piled up gold pieces. (If you're allergic to nuts granola, even chopped up pieces of unmelted chocolate would work too).¡Gracias por compartir tu experiencia! ¡Sigue haciendo una excelente labor! Continuar compartiendo. Feel free to visit my website.

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