Friday, January 4, 2013

Felt Food: Bread, Banana, and Sandwich Toppings

Since I started my Christmas crafting this year with felt food, I'd like to finish my holiday wrap up with it.

From the beginning I knew I wanted to make slices of bread. But I kept putting it off because I was sure they'd be really hard to make. Turns out all that dread was for nothing because they were pretty easy and a lot of fun, slightly addictive actually (it's got to be something to do with how they manage to look both real and fake at the same time). If I'd had time, I honestly would have made about half a dozen more!

I also made some sandwich toppings:


Tomato Slices


And Cheese.

BTL anyone?

I'd planned on more sandwich toppings but ran out of time. So they'll have to be part of the next batch of felt food.

Then there's this felt banana here...

Isn't funny how you can dread one part of a project, and it turns out to be sooo much easier than you could have imagined. Then you waltz right into another step without a care in the world and it turns out to be the bane of your existence. That was the banana.

It took several tries to get the pattern looking right.

In the end I was running out of yellow felt and just needed to go with what I had. It turned out passable, but I'd probably make a few pattern changes if I made it again.

I also created bow tie pasta with sauce and needle felted meatballs. But sadly I seem to have not photographed it. I know, I know... bad blogger. And that bow tie pasta was so cute too!

Anyway, that wraps up my my felt food crafting for the holidays. My nephew liked the food a lot, we even played with it a bit on Christmas day. And it turned out to be a well-timed gift because Santa brought him a play kitchen.


  1. These are really excellent, Meg! They are the most life-like play food I have ever seen!

    1. Thanks Craftymoose, I really appreciate your comment, it means a lot because I really tried to make the food as life-like as I could.

      : )

  2. I agree with Craftymoose- those are amazing! Your banana blows me away!

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