Monday, May 21, 2012

Sneaker Cake- A Runaway Success!

First off- thanks to those of you who left me encouraging comments when I posted part-one about making this cake. I appreciate your comments so much!

Although I could imagine the blob of cereal treats turning into something resembling a shoe, imagination and reality are often two very different things. And To be honest, I had my doubts that this cake would really turnout. I felt like there was a real good chance I'd need to put "plan B" (whatever that was) into place.

But I worked slowly and carefully, had some help from my sister, and luckily a really good week with my dizziness. And the cake was finished pretty much exactly as planned.

I could not be happier with the way the sneaker turned out.

The shoe held up just fine once the weather dried out (and funny enough ended up being the same size as my hubby's actual sneaker)!

The shoebox was straightforward and covered with fondant before I knew it.

In fact it went together so fast I ended up putting some extra painted details on it and adding custom label with The Mister's birthday vitals and a "Happy Birthday" message.

It's such a great feeling to step back from something you weren't sure you could do- take a look at it and realize that you've not only met, but actually exceeded your expectations.

Best of all The Mister loved it!

And I have to admit, after not being sure how this cake would turnout, it felt really good to have people say "I thought it was a real shoe". LOL

And just in case there are a few people who still have a hard time with the sneaker being a cereal treat (Auntie Pam). LOL : )

It really is... here's the proof!

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