Thursday, March 1, 2012

St. Patricks Day Recipe and Craft Roundup

For some reason, this year I'm particularly excited for St. Patricks Day. So I thought I'd kick off March with a roundup of recipes and crafts from years past.

I'll have even more St. Pat's projects over the next week or two so stay tuned!

Shamrock Dog Collar- because our furry friends love holidays too!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Despite My Neglect

Back in the fall I should have planted a bunch of tulip bulbs I had set aside.

But a combination of events and "states of being" (doesn't that sound better than saying on some days I was just too lazy) kept me from ever planting them.

So they languished downstairs until this past weekend when I noticed that despite my neglect, nature won out and they were actually starting to grow.

Turns out where I had unwittingly stored them provided the ideal conditions for these bulbs to winter. They apparently got cold enough then warm enough to mimic their natural growing cycle.

I can't explain why they did this despite a complete lack of water but I'm happy they did!

A few years ago I bought a huge glass jar of tulips, the bulbs grew in no soil just a little water, which you kept filled as the tulips grew. I thought I could do the same thing so I've put them all into containers, given them some water, and put them near a window. So far most of them have grown between a half to a full inch.

Hopefully they'll keep growing and I'll have some gorgeous indoor tulips this year.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Blue Handspun

Over the weekend I had planned to paint a project outside (since we'd been having such nice spring-like weather) but on Saturday it was snowing and Sunday it was way to cold to paint.

So instead of working outside I cozied up with some wool and finished spinning this 2-ply variegated blue yarn.

It's somewhere between DK and worsted weight, and probably the most balanced yarn I've spun yet!

It's definitely true that practice is what counts with spinning. Every time I'm at the wheel I can feel myself getting more control over the wool and the resulting yarn gets better and better.

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