Monday, June 4, 2012

So You Think You're Crafty- Audition!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Sweet Treat Of The Month post to bring you a special announcement.

I've been waiting (not so very) patiently to tell you that I've auditioned for this upcoming season of 

So You Think You're Crafty! 

If you haven't heard about this website, 10 crafters compete head to head for 10 weeks. Each week has a theme and reader's vote to see which craft is eliminated and who makes it another week.

The audition crafts went up today and I'm crossing my fingers that I make it past this week, where 2 crafts get eliminated. If I make it past this round I'll be one of the 10 people to start the new season in a few weeks.

I had such a hard time deciding on a project, I was all over the place with ideas because there wasn't a theme to follow for the audition. I pretty much drove myself crazy with "Is this good enough?" "No wait this is better!" thoughts for the last few weeks. That got me into a bit of a craft block waiting for some bright idea.

But I finally decided on a project. I felt good about it because it was something I wanted to make for me, rather than something I was just making for the sake of auditioning.

I can't tell you which project is mine because it's supposed to be kept a secret until voting is over. But I hope you click over and vote (voting is on the side bar) for whatever you like- and just maybe you'll end up voting for my project!

You can see all the audition projects and vote here. (Voting is on the side bar)

Next week when voting is over I'll post the project here on Mega•Crafty so you can see what I made.

Also I'll be posting my sweet treat of the month later this week!


  1. I checked out the craft site and voted-- good luck!!!!

  2. Fantastic Meg! I'll be popping over and voting for you!

  3. Aww thanks Jane- maybe your vote will end up being for my craft. You'll know for sure when I post it here next week!

    : )

  4. Holly, Thanks for the comment! I was excited to finally see the other audition crafts, there are some really great projects!

  5. Megan, GOod luck! Love your craftiness and artistry!!

  6. Bonne chance, Meg! fingers crossed.

  7. My vote is locked in!!!

    Good luck! You so deserve to be among the top ten.


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