Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Craft Wars- what do you think?

Craft Wars had it's debut last night.

I (like many, I think) have waited a long time to have crafting join the ranks of the themed competition shows that are all over T.V. right now.


Did you watch?

What did you think?

Did it meet your expectations, or did it fall short?

To be honest I didn't immediately connect with it. I WANTED to love it, but there were a few things I found... awkward. The editing was abrupt in a few places, I didn't think the hosting was natural, and a few of the judges comments seemed snarky for the sake of creating drama.

I haven't made up my mind yet... I will watch again. First shows often need a bit of smoothing out, and if given time they find what works. And lets face it, any crafting show is better than no crafting show!

Hopefully next week I fall head over heels for it.

But I know one things for sure, I ADORED the school themed playhouse that won. Those pencil columns were such a great idea... and the shutters made from rulers were a brilliant.


  1. I have to agree with you; I was disappointed. "RuPaul's Drag Race" involves more crating and creativity that was displayed on this show.

    I had hoped it would be more like "Project Runway" than "Chopped" or "Cupcake Wars", but at least with the latter, they start out with four contestants/teams and have three challenges along with commentary explaining what they are doing and what their inspirations are. On this show it was hard to connect to the contestants or the judges. Also on the other shows, the judges seem more professional with their constructive criticism.

    I would think with Michael's sponsoring it that more of their products would be featured with perhaps only a few unconventional items thrown in and ask crafters to create something that the audience might be inspired to recreate themselves (and promote selling Michael's items)- I don't know anyone who is going to want to tear up sports equipment to make a duffle bag or many that have the space for a playhouse. Maybe instead, create a themed table top display, make a jewelry set incorporating plastic cutlery or Barbie heads or SOMETHING that might inspire my own creativity.

    I might tune in again to see if it improves.

  2. Thanks for your sweet comments about our school house playhouse, the pencil columns (my favorites!), and the ruler details. I lived through it and have no say over how it is edited but I was excited to have the opportunity to showcase the type of crafty teacher/mom/artist who doesn't specialize in one particular area. I have posted some details about my experience on the show over on my blog if anyone is curious.

  3. I'll have to see if I can find this on Hulu or something as I don't have TV. It does sound like it's missed its market, though. Why isn't there more on TV for us crafters that supports our creativity, reveals products and techniques and helps us? There's enough of us out here and we spend enough money on glue and glitter to run a small county.

  4. I just finished watching this (had to DVR it). I'm not a fan of Tory Spelling but getting past that I'm a bit disappointed in the first show. I would have liked to get to know the contestants better so that I might care who won.
    I did enjoy the second challenge and thought it was a more realistic pairing of supplies with project. And I was happy that the little red schoolhouse was the winner. I will watch again, hopeful that they will focus on the crafters and their stories as well as their creative process.

  5. Thanks for all your comments. I was really curious about how others liked it.

    Like I said I think there were bumps but the show is new (and I'll take any craft show over no craft shows).
    There was a lot to like. I really enjoyed seeing the big theme crafts in the final round.

    I don't mind seeing unusual materials, I enjoy watching how people interpret the challenge (it's like a window into their creative process). But I understand why a lot of people don't really find that personally inspiring.

    And I agree about getting to know the contestants better. I wish they had given them a chance to plug their blogs or business more like they do in craft wars. Maybe they did but I missed it?

    Liddy B and me- I'm SO happy you found my post and left a comment. Really BRAVO for what you accomplished and congratulations on winning! I'm sure it was extremely difficult to work much less think under that kind of time crunch.

    Rhissanna- I hope you can find it somewhere. I'd love to know what you think. I wonder if TLC has videos online of the full episodes?

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