Monday, June 18, 2012

Asparagus Cake Anyone?

When you live near a town that grows world-renouned asparagus and you see a tutorial for an asparagus cake, you file it away in your memory bank under "things I might need one day".

So that's just what I did when I first saw the Asparagus Cake Tutorial that  Rosie from Sweetapolita put together.

While I fully expected to make this cake at some point,  I will say I never thought I'd be making it for my Mom's birthday.

But when you go slightly more than a half-century having never eaten asparagus, only to realize when you finally try it that it's your favorite vegetable, you have a bit of a vegetable epiphany. 

And asparagus sort of becomes an obsession. 

You buy it every week. Tell everyone how much you love it. And get really, really exited (like someone just gave you a nice piece of jewelry excited) when someone gives a bunch of the aforementioned world-renouned asparagus. 

And when that happens there's a good chance you'll be getting an asparagus birthday cake.

I won't go into the details of how I made this because Rosie's tutorial is flawless! But I will say this- it was possibly the easiest cake I've ever made. Because of her great tutorial I didn't have to experiment before starting, all I had to do was gather my supplies and get going. 

I made a few changes: Smaller diameter cake than the original. Lemon cake instead of chocolate. And I stuck my asparagus directly to the buttercream frosting instead of covering the whole cake in fondant.

My mom was definitely surprised. At first she thought we really got her a giant bunch of asparagus. And my little nephew kept asking where the cake was! I don't think he believed any of us that he was really getting cake until there was a slice in front of him.


  1. Ok, this is brilliant. Just, exotically, gloriously brilliant! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hummmmmmmmmmm! I do love asparagus - my most favorite veggie! Most favorite!

    MY birthday is next May BTW!


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