Monday, April 30, 2012

Faux Margaritas- Jello and Lime Wedge Cookies

Cinco de Mayo is this week and these margarita desserts are a quick and easy way to celebrate.

Plus, there's always room for.... margaritas? Well in this case, fake-out margaritas made with Jello and accented with lime wedge cookies.

To make the gelatin I used a box of lemon jello and replaced half the water called for with limeade and a few tablespoons of pure lime juice. These are non-alcholic... but you could add your own "adult beverage" twist on this recipe if you wanted.

While my gelatin was setting up in the fridge, I made the cookies using store bought sugar cookie dough.

To get the wedge shape I cut a circle of dough in half. Since the cookies were now smaller I baked them for a few minutes less than the time stated on the package.

When the cookies were out of the oven but still hot I used a pairing knife to cut a notch into the flat edge of each cookie so they would be able to perch on the edge of a glass.

Once the the cookies were cool I piped out white lines for the pith (the stuff between the segments of fruit and the peel). Then flood iced the edge with a dark green for the peel, and filled the segment spaced with a lighter green to represent the fruit.

Since I bought the cookie dough I decided to make my own lime flavored frosting. I was surprised at just how strong a lime taste I could get by replacing half the water in my royal icing recipe with lime juice. Incidentally, the combination of sugar cookie and citrus frosting was SO good I think I'm going to have to make citrus slice cookies more often!

And what's a margarita without "salt" around the edge of the glass. But, since this is a dessert I opted for sanding sugar instead of salt... although I swear it looks exactly the same (and really adds a nice authentic touch to this food trickery).

When the gelatin was set I ran a lime wedge around the rim of each glass, turned them over (while holding my breath and hoping the jello defied gravity, which it did without fail) and dipped them into some sanding sugar I had spread out on a large plate.

Last but not least, place a lime wedge cookie on each glass. 

And if margaritas aren't your thing, you could always make them "tequila shots" instead.

If you missed my tutorial for the mini pinata favors shown in some of the pictures you can find it here!


  1. These are such fun! Unfortunately, I strongly dislike jello and cannot stand to even watch it wiggle! The cookies, however, I'd love!

  2. LOL- reading your comment cracked me up. I can almost here the shudder in your "voice" as you think about the jiggly jello.

    : )

    The cookies really were good. I highly recommend adding some lime juice to frosting for sugar cookies. YUM!

  3. What a fabulously fun idea! Great for parties. Thanks for sharing, I'll have to pass it along!

  4. OK so - my mouth is still watering at the thought of margarita jello and sugar cookies frosted with citrus laced frosting! I can not make it stop!!!!

    My sweetie loves jello and LOVES margaritas so definitely will try out the adult version for him and the virgin version for me!!!

    And I really love the idea of a sugar cookie with lime frosting! Mine of course will be MUCH simpler than yours but I am sure still tasty!

    Thank you! And my sweetie thanks you!


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