Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Impossible Project Reveal

Well I started here...

With a messy studio that had fallen by the wayside. (You can read all about the beginning of my project here)

I hoped to get back to here...

The reality is, I landed somewhere in the middle...

But I'm really happy to say that I accomplished a mini impossible task within my impossible project- Magazine Organization.

I went through every single magazine I had stored. Tore out anything I wanted to keep and put that into an organized pile that's headed for a binder. There were just a few that I kept whole because they were Halloween magazines or "best of's" on other topics.

Each one of those bins was stuffed full. Plus I had a some stacks that couldn't fit inside the bins. So I'd say 99% of what I used to have made it to recycling!

I also went through all the paper sample books.

And gained some scrap paper and a whole bunch of shelf space.

Which I immediately put to use.

Even though I dreamed of having my pristine studio back by January 31st. Overall I'm really happy with how far I've gone.
  • I tackled the magazine project, which was something I'd wanted to do for a while but kept putting off because it seemed so daunting.
  • And I'm on my way to even better organization and use of the space than I had before.
This challenge was great motivation. I proved to myself that despite feeling dizzy I can modify the way I sort through stuff and eventually get the studio back in order. So I'll keep going with my impossible project until I get there!

Thanks to all the Impossible Challenge Hosts (especially Karah who invited me to play along). If you want to check out how other "Impossible Projects" turned out here's a link to the reveal party.


  1. You are one organized gal (and patient) to go through all those magazines!! I have a pile waiting for me. It looks great and I'm sure you'll be a crafting maniac in your new space! Glad you joined our Impossible Challenge!

  2. Me too - I have a massive pile of magazines to sort out. I just can't throw them out without checking them first.
    Congrats on getting this far, it's a big achievement already !

  3. You have made amazing progress! Oh how I dream of having a room all to myself for all my crafty stuff ...

    Thanks so much for taking our impossibilities challenge!


  4. You are on your journey my friend! Remember....a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step! Thanks for participating in our party!
    BTW....I love those black and white organizers!

  5. Hey! Well done with getting as far as you did...Going through magazines can be such a mammoth task! Your craft room is going to be great. Congratulations!

  6. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!!! such fabulous progress!!!! : ) 3 cheers!!!! (hugs)

  7. MEG! This is such great progress, I bet going through all of those magazines took forever! What a feeling of accomplishment you must have. I sooo appreciate you jumping on board and joining the challenge!

  8. Great job Meg! Didn't it feel great to mark this off the to do list.

  9. Congrats! It looks fabulous! I'm so proud of YOU! <3 from your newest follower and fellow {new} blogger :) Please check out my impossibility and follow back!


  10. That's still a lot of progress! Way to go! I wish I had an organized thought binder or something!

  11. You have made a lot of great progress. It's inspiring.

  12. Every little step counts, right!? I think so! You'll get there. At least you know where the magazines are!!!

  13. you have done tons of work already...be proud! love the magazine organization and the shelves are looking really good too

  14. Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments. Your encouraging words mean to much!

    I'm thrilled to have all those magazines gone and down to just the recipes and projects I wanted to hang on to.

    Just the magazine part of this felt impossible. So I know if I got through that I'll get the rest of the studio back into shape.

  15. You've done a great job! Congrats on how much you've accomplished so far.

    We both tackled the same impossibility so I know how much work you've put in :)

  16. I am so thrilled with the progress you have made. And I am glad that you are seeing it as great progress even though you did not complete the entire task by the end of the month.

    Just keep going - a little at a time and surly in another month or two, you will have your beautiful, organized craft room back the way you want it to be.

  17. Some great ideas that I can also adapt! I have a HUGE pile of magazines to go through and a binder would be perfect to save my favorites.


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