Friday, April 22, 2011

Paint Chip Eggs

While wandering through the home improvement store with the Mister I saw the paint section (it's one of my favorite places in the store because of all the lovely paint swatches lined up- I just LOVE seeing all those colors) and was struck by the idea that those paint chips would make fantastic colors for Easter eggs. I wasn't sure if it would work but I quickly grabbed 4 color waves that I liked.

Once I got the chips home I searched for something egg shaped and the right size that I could use to make a template.

One of these plastic eggs worked great. I just traced around it onto a piece of card stock and cut it out. It made an ideal template.

I was able to trace 3 eggs onto each swatch set and thought I might be done at this stage but once I stepped back and took a look the eggs seemed a bit plain.

Using the bunch of scraps I had leftover from the eggs I cut some strips using decorative scissors and regular scissors. And stuck them in place with a bit of tacky glue.

Once the strips were dry I trimmed them back so they were even with the edge of my egg.

I also punched some dots in a few eggs.

Some of them stayed pretty simple, while others got lots of decoration.

I think these will be great for a whole bunch of things. First I wanted to make a few Easter cards.

The "egg hunt" stamp that I have inspired me to attach one of the eggs to the card using a grommet. The egg can be moved to reveal a secret message.

They'd make cute tags for gifts or baskets. Or attach one of these to a small dowel and it would make an adorable plant stake. Since the chips are a plastic coated paper they are a little bit water repellent and will hold up great in a plant even if they get splashed by a little water.

Happy Easter!

The bunnies are finished!

I told you it was down to the wire- but phew, they are finally done. And I have to say I'm a little in love with needle felting them. I wish it wasn't so close to Easter and I had time to make a few more just so I could needle felt little details and patterns all over them.Maybe I should just continue making them and get a head start on next year's rabbits!
Although if I'm being honest once Easter has passed it's likely this rabbit fever will pass too and they'd languish in the half done projects pile until a few days before next Easter when the holiday panic would spur me into action.

Here's how I finished them up from the last time I posted an update:

Once I was done knitting I pieced everything together. (They look a bit like puppets on my hand like that.)

After a swim in the washing machine this is what they looked like.

And once they were dry I added all the felted details.

The grey one got the face and a letter C on his tummy. I also gave him a pom pom tail.

The green one got a cute little face, dots all over, she also got a big red heart on her chest and a needle felted tail instead of a pom pom (which I think I like a little better than the pom pom-but that could just be because I loath making pom poms).

I have one more quick Easter project. I was hoping to post it yesterday but wasn't feeling that great so I'll post later today.

Here's a sneak peak.... but I don't think you'll be able to guess.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Felted Rabbit Progress

So Easter is closing in and despite having started the felted rabbits pretty early I haven't had much knitting time so they are coming down to the wire. It seems that way every year- but somehow I end up getting them done.

I'm finished knitting the gray one and only have the front side to go on the green one. I hope to be done with that today and felt them tomorrow. Then the real work begins... finishing them off and adding needle felting details.
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