Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tutorials: Snowflake Tree topper and a few more ornaments

I've been so busy finishing up all my holiday prep I almost forgot to post my last few Crafty Christmas Tree tutorials. Yikes- sorry about that!

I have 2 ornaments and a tree topper to account for so here it goes.

Tree Topper- this was made from a paper quilled snowflake. I learned how to make quilled snowflakes from reading Ann's blog All Things Paper. (Thanks Ann!)

This flake is a design by Deb Mackes (via all things paper), click over for snowflake patterns and to see how nice it's really supposed to look when a quilling pro does it.

The paper used was scrap printer paper that I cut into quilling strips.

The base is made from an old wire clothes hanger that I cut and bent into shape.

I hot glued the snowflake to the wire base. And my tree topper was done.

Because I was using the song "baby it's cold outside" as my theme for the tree and it's a romantic song I wanted a few heart ornaments. I also didn't want the tree topper to be the only paper quilling on the tree so I chose that method for the hearts as well.

I cut strips of red paper, folded them in half, then curled the ends using a wooden skewer.

Then I glued the curved parts, along with a loop of embroidery thread (for a hanger) together. Once the glue dried they were ready to hang on the tree. Definitely my quickest ornaments of the whole challenge!

Last but not least I made honeycomb balls using tie-dye coffee filters.

My first step was to dye coffee filters green using markers and some water. (Step by step on dyeing filters can be found here).

Then I cut a circle template out of cardboard and used that template to cut a circle out of white card stock. Then I cut my card stock circle in half.

When the filters were dry I stacked bunches of them together and cut them all into a circle.

Finally I followed this how-to on making a honeycomb paper ball.

Here's how all the ornaments stacked up money wise-

  • Tree topper- Free!
  • Heart Ornament- Glue isn't counted against the budget, I bought a sheet of red paper for 25 cents and the embroidery floss was leftover from my garland.
  • Honeycomb Ornament- Free since all the materials were leftovers from other projects in the challenge.

And that's how I got to $14.97 for my tree.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


  1. Everything here is beautiful, but that tree-topper is AMAZING!! I could never do that. I hope you are going to save all these for next year!

  2. I LOVE that you made a quilled snowflake as a tree topper - it looks beautiful! (and thanks for the link. :)) The heart and coffee filter ornies are super too - what a great little tree. Merry Christmas, Meg!

  3. Wow! I love the quilled tree topper. So pretty and whimsical. The whole project came out great!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  4. Meg, your challenge was lovely and resourceful, as per usual. Now that you've finished the project, I can show you my small contribution. Your inspiration is beyond measure.

  5. You poor thing - finishing up right at Christmas. You are too good to all of us.

    The star is absolutely stunning. It must have taken you hours to complete. I am especially in love with the hearts! I MUST make some of your hearts!

    Thank you for all of these tutorials, Meg. Now you deserve a long winter's nap!

  6. Thanks for the comments, I'm so glad you all liked these!

    And Pam- I have been taking a long winters nap. : ) That's why it's taken me so long to reply to these... it's been a bit too long of a nap so more crafting soon!

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