Thursday, December 15, 2011

Crafty Christmas Tree Reveal!

Who knew that I'd run out of time before I ran out of money!

There were at least two ornaments I wanted to get on the tree (Ice Skates and Snowmen) but today's the deadline I gave myself to finish and I just didn't get them up there.

However I'm extremely happy with how the challenge turned out... and here's the finished tree!

The theme is "Baby it's cold outside" (named for one of my favorite holiday tunes). So most of my ornaments had to do with snow, and a cozy warm things.

For all my "budget blues" I ended up having money leftover! The grand total came to $14.97 leaving me with $5.03 left from my $20.00 budget.

You might notice a few ornaments (quilled hearts, honeycomb coffee filter balls), and the tree topper that I haven't done tutorials for yet. Those will be coming soon!

For today I'm just going to relax and maybe wrap a few gifts for under the tree.

Thank you SO much to everyone who played along with the challenge, followed along with the posts, and left encouraging comments along the way! I appreciate it so much.

I'll be doing a roundup of ornaments and finished tree's from all the participants this week and next week! I hope you'll visit everyone who's participated because there were some really amazing ornaments and finished trees!

And in case you missed any of these you can look back through all my posts on the Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge.


  1. It looks great! You are so talented - I never would have guessed you spent less than $15 for all of that!

  2. Beautiful! I can't wait to see how you made that tree topper, it is awesome! And I love the theme, everything is reminiscent of a cold winter wonderland. Those little mittens just make me smile.
    Thanks again for hosting the challenge. What a great idea. Enjoy your tree for the rest of the season!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  3. Honestly, the felted ball garland was worth all the sweating over budget! It really pulls the whole tree together. And it really is so beautiful. Very glad you decided to make it long enough for your evergrowing tree!

    I love how the tree looks completely decorated. I usually don't go in for theme trees being a died in the wool traditionalist, but I LOVE this tree! Love the ornaments! The snowflakes, the mittens, the hot chocolates, aqua eggs and of course the red heart!

    The colors - white and aqua and green worked so well together.

    I could blab on and on. I just think you did a fantastic job and I love your tree!

  4. Thank you so much! You're comments are really nice and I'm happy you like followed along with my posts about my tree and played along with the challenge to make your own. Happy Holidays!

  5. Just beautiful, Meg! The topper is awesome! Is there anything you can't do!!!

  6. What a fantastic challenge -- and an even better tree! Brava!

  7. What an AWESOME job you have done! I am stealing some of the ornament ideas for present toppers for next year. Thanks.

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  10. Thank you for providing this fantastic information I'm Bookmarking this for next year christmas because this christmas I wasted on research comedians who went to oxbridge for my university but next time I'll craft this tree few days agao

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