Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Heat Miser and Snow Miser Cake Pops

Each year when the classic animated Christmas shows come on television, I look forward to the Heat Miser and Snow Miser. They are my all time favorite characters from these holiday specials!

So when I thought about a sweet treat for December I just knew I HAD to try making the Misers into cake pops.

The process wasn't nearly as bad as the last time I tried to make cake pops. It still wasn't easy- but overall I'd say it went much smoother. (Although I really don't know how Bakerella does it, she must have super powers!)

Here's what I did.

Shaped the cake balls.

I used spice cake for both. It feels/tastes like the holidays to me. Plus I thought it was a good flavor to represent heat miser. If you're feeling brave/not lazy like me, and want to use two different flavors I think chocolate and mint would be perfect for Snow Miser.

Dip the pops

Dip Snow Miser's nose again to get the icicles on his nose. You can also use a toothpick to add a few more.

Heat Miser has a cinnamon drop for a nose (nice and spicy)

Snow Miser gets a dip into white chocolate for his hair. I also used white chocolate to make the eyes and teeth for both misers.

Heat Miser gets red ears. Once they were set I used a toothpick to make his crazy hair out of layers and layers of chocolate all built up. I also used a toothpick to give him his angry eyebrows.

I painted the details around the mouths and eyes (black for Snow Miser and orange for Heat Miser) using a liner brush and some chocolate coloring.

If you're thinking about making these- there is a warning I should pass on!

Creating these guys results in having their catchy song in your head for at least two days. You'll be singing it to yourself and others, humming it, and even dancing a bit while making them.

Cue the trombones... because the song is still stuck in my head!


  1. AMAZING! These look JUST like the real characters. Damn, but you are talented!

  2. Thanks Michael Ann! Very sweet of you to say, but I have to confess I only showed the best results here in the post. I will admit to having some interesting versions of these guys that didn't make it on camera.

  3. I LOVE snow miser! I "helped" one of my friends make mummy cake pops (I mostly watched) and it was hard work! I think yours turned out great.

  4. These are great... my daughter has always loved this movie!

  5. Thanks for the comments So many little things, Hollie, and art2cee2.

  6. don't think I could pull this off--would love to buy them! Amazing job!


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