Friday, December 9, 2011

Decoupaged Egg Ornaments

Here's my latest handmade ornament. And one of the best parts about these is that the materials were 100% free... so nothing came out of my $20 budget.

I started with a coupon for a free dozen eggs. And blew them all out so I was left with just the empty shells.

Then I colored them using some leftover dye tablets I kept from an easter egg kit.

I often buy more than one easter egg kit to get the perfect combo of colors. I keep the leftovers because you never know when you might need something to dye eggs with - case in point Christmas ornaments. I had three tablets leftover- emerald green, dark blue (almost navy), and pink. I really wanted a nice teal blue so I played around with mixing different amounts of blue and green until I got the right shade.

Since the eggs were blown out I needed to weigh them down with a small glass while dyeing them.

Once the eggs were dry I punched snowflakes out of scrap paper, glittery holiday cards, and tin foil. Then decoupaged the flakes onto the eggs.

Last but not least I glued some loops of scrap yarn into the eggs for hangers.

And since these ornaments were 100% free (yippee) they took $0 from my budget and I still have $10.27.


  1. These are really nice! We tried (finally) the cranberry orange muffins last night--they came out very yummy & I managed not to beat them to death so they weren't too heavy! Thanks!

  2. It's Sara from Gals & Wine! Just posted my first ornament! $2 made me 15 ornaments!

  3. For some reason, you posts have not been showing up! I popped over to see if you had posted the rest of your ornaments and look at what I missed!

    These are beautiful - only my favorite color! And you know my weakness for snowflakes!

    Beautiful ornaments!

  4. what a pretty decoration for christmas !
    So beautiful..

  5. These charming decorations are easy to make and perfect for adding a personal flair to your tree. Whether you're crafting with kids or enjoying some solo creativity, decoupaged egg ornaments are a festive and fun project for all ages.


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