Thursday, April 7, 2011

Here come the bunnies

Yesterday I started knitting the first bunny.

While waiting for an appointment I got both feet done.

And last night while watching a bit of TV I managed to knit most of the back. This part is the little bunny tush and arms. I'm just about to start the head/ears, then I'll only have the front portion to knit.

Bunny season is off to a good start- but soon I'll head on the the dentist for a "procedure" and since I have a real fear (not just a dislike) of the dentist I'll be drugged to get through it. (But to be honest I feel the same way about even just having a cleaning... although they mostly refuse to drug you for those) so I'm not sure how much bunny knitting I'll get done today.


  1. How fun to see all the little bunny "parts" taking shape!

    I noticed that the pieces are knitted in garter stitch. So is the purse I am knitting that will ultimately be felted. is garter "the" felting stitch?

    I hope your day goes a thousand times better than you are anticipating.

  2. Hi Pam,

    Good question! : ) Mostly the felting process will obliterate your stitch definition so there's no real point in doing a fancier stitch if you're using all wool. You can get old sweaters to felt that are a blend of fibers and depending on the amount you felt them and the type of fiber (wool/cashmere/angora) if there are cables in the sweater they'll still show.

    Mostly though any of the projects I've come across where you knit an item out of wool then felt it, the piece is knit in garter and felted until you don't see individual stitches any longer.

  3. Oh Meg...I feel your pain about the dentist...I have to be sedated just to have my teeth cleaned. *sigh*

    I can't wait to see this finished!


  4. Thanks LuLu! Oh boy- I wish they would sedate me for cleanings! Or just knock me out.

    : )


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