Monday, April 19, 2010

Purple Thick/Thin Scarf

At just over a year since I cast on- this scarf takes the record for the longest knitted project I've worked on.

It's just a simple knit scarf I intended for myself but with no time limit and no real purpose in making it everything else I was knitting as a gift or on a deadline cut in front of it. Each time I went back to it after a few months of working on something else I loved this super soft thick/thin yarn (and the color) even more.

There might be one or two more mornings cool enough that I could get away with wearing this on my walk to work. But even if there aren't I'm really happy it's done! And getting to wear it next winter will give me something to look forward to when it starts to get cold again.


  1. I remember when you started this! Looks lovely - the color is beautiful!

  2. Scarves can be tedious, but are oh so lovely to wrap up in. The color is great!


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