Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cricut Cake

I just impulse purchased the cricut cake online.... and it's setting in that I have made one cake in my entire life and have just bought a pretty expensive cake making accessory.

But one thing- does it count as an impulse buy if when I first saw video of this product from a crafting trade show (and instantly wanted it) I went to the website

And put myself on the mailing list to find out when the product launched

Then read the email I got telling me about product launch

Tried to forget about it until I saw the show about the launch in the cable guide and turned the tv channel on to watch about a half hour of demonstations before running downstairs to buy it

Or does that just count as stalking?


  1. Dot- I should have linked to it but the sugar/craft shopping high must have clouded my blogging ability. : )

    Here's the link

  2. Woah - I didn't know what it is either - but it looks incredible!

  3. I saw this on the DIY Dish ... looks very cool. I dont make cakes either but I brought a cupcake book and a cake stand on Tuesday ... must be the week for cake accessories!

  4. Meg, sent you an email with this but it bounced back. This is a response to your comment on my blog:

    I wrote a tutorial on how to make the bag. I bought those fabrics at WalMart (it seems kind of against my principles to buy them there but they were so cute and they are getting rid of fabric at WalMarts....) Anyway, if the fabric is 54" wide, you only need 3/4 yard. If it's a 45" width fabric, you need more. But it's super easy. I hope it's clear in my tutorial and if not, ask away!

  5. Your blog has inspired me to embrace authenticity and live with purpose – thank you for the encouragement! Get ready to jump, shoot, and dodge your way to victory in Rooftop Snipers Unblocked – it's epic!


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